Introducing “Cohort X”

A few weeks ago I launched a mastermind group (I’m currently calling it a “legal career design jam” for lack of a better term) working with two small groups of amazing people. The goal of the endeavor is to help legal professionals make their careers awesomer. I’ve asked every participant to bring their biggest career question or challenge to the group. Then each week we look at each person’s challenge or question to try and tease it apart and help them move closer to an answer.

I’m far from declaring “Mission Accomplished” and my aspirations for what I’m building with Right Brain Law are significantly larger but two things seem to be going well here. First, I’m getting some really good signals from participants about the program. Here’s just a sampling of feedback and ideas we’ve discussed:

  • One participant noted that it was really hard to connect with other “creative” unconventional legal professionals. This was a stark reminder to me that while I spend time in the awesome legal tech community, there are still lots of lawyers looking to do things differently with no one to talk to. It feels good to help these folks find their “tribe.”
  • One good discussion with one of the groups led to the reminder that no one looking out for your career but you. It is up to you to be assertive and work for what you want. Powerful reminder that no one will give you your awesome. You’ve got to find it or make it.
  • Mike Whelan, inspired by his work in the program, shared his thoughts on bliss and passion on Twitter.
  • Anonymous feedback from one participant: “Love it! Just being in a conversation with smart people about what I want to do next has given me a ton of clarity. Great job Dan! Thank you so much.”

People are into it.

Second, I want to better understand what the next step is for this idea. It’s not sustainable at the cost at which I’m currently providing it but there must be some way to scale it because I genuinely want to bring these experiences to a larger audience.

So, it’s with that in mind that I’m launching the Right Brain Law legal design jam “Cohort X.” The Cohort X group will get weekly updates from me about the progress of the two live cohorts, share their feedback about the ongoing program with the two live cohorts directly with me, and have first dibs on the next cohort when it opens up. Basically, Cohort X will still get a lot of the benefit for no cost! Just add your name here and I’ll keep you apprised of the rest of the work of the group. NOTE: If you’ve already added your name, then you’re automatically in Cohort X. No need to do anything. (Well done, you!). The first email will come later this week or early next week.