Right Brain Law in Print: A Career Profile of Art Chung – Lawyer Turned Game Show Writer

Northwest Lawyer is the monthly bar journal for Washington state lawyers. In this month’s issue they published a profile that I had put together of lawyer-turned-game show writer, Art Chung.

“As lawyers and other legal professionals struggle through one of the most challenging hiring markets in the last few decades, many are looking outside of the bounds of traditional legal practice or even outside the legal industry for their next career move. The decision to leave the law entirely can be daunting but for many who might not really have had the natural or even actual inclination to be “lawyers” the realization that others have travelled this route and not only survived but thrived can be encouraging. One of those people is game show writer Art Chung.

Art Chung’s path into the legal profession was a traditional one . . . .

Read the rest here.

Big thanks to the folks at Northwest Lawyer and the Washington State Bar Association for their support. Finally, big thanks to Art Chung for his gracious time and willingness to share his story.

Thanks Art!

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