Seattle Legal Tech and Innovation MeetUp – Come Hack the Law!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter is probably aware that I’ve co-founded a MeetUp group here in Seattle of legal professionals, entrepreneurs, technologists and others to discuss how in both large and small ways the legal system is being remade. So far as my limited social media marketing skills go, I’ve deduced that most of the traffic to my blog comes from Twitter. However, to the extent that I have actual “readers” who come here on their own accord and not because I tricked them into thinking that a link I posted on Twitter led to something interesting, as opposed to my own mindless drivel, I wanted to get the word out about the MeetUp group here as well.

The Seattle Legal Technology and Innovation MeetUp is a monthly MeetUp group. It’s modeled after other legal tech, innovation, and hacking groups that have sprung up throughout the country. If you want more information, Dan Katz wrote a great blog post about these groups comparing them to the homebrew computer clubs of the 1970’s that birthed the modern computer era.

More information about the Seattle group is here.

Topics for the Seattle group meetings will include lawyers-turned entrepreneurs, legal design, local legal startups, dispute resolution, and many others. The meetings are free and will be hosted closer to Seattle to start but we’re happy to entertain broadening our reach, particularly if there’s a demand in another area such as the eastside, Tacoma, or even Portland.

Our first meeting was held on October 29th and was quite well received. You can see the positive responses on the MeetUp site.

Our next two meetings are scheduled for December 3 and January 29. The December meeting will be at the offices of and the January one at the Washington State Bar Association offices in Seattle.

If you’re at all interested, please come! This is a great opportunity for us to develop a local community of interested parties committed to making the law work better for everyone.

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