Two New Disptaches from the Y Chromosome on Ms. JD

Hello Readers,

Many, if not most of you, know that I’m male. If you didn’t, well, SURPRISE!

Now that that’s out of the way, I wanted to tell you about one of my new projects. I just posted my second interview in a yearlong project for the Ms. JD website that I’m calling “Dispatches from the Y Chromosome.” I am the child of a woman who defied our local and religious norms to attend law school while having children. I’m also a man who has spent most of his professional life working for, under, and with women. Also, I’ve been very interested in the dialogue about women and women in the workplace that has unfolded over the last few years – particularly as it relates to the “Lean In” movement – so, when Ms. JD asked me to serve as one of their “Writers-In-Residence” this year,  I was excited for the opportunity.

As I Writer-In-Residence for Ms. JD I’m exploring the professional and, where they overlap, personal territory that separates men and women through a series of interviews with women lawyers. I plan to interview women from BigLaw to in-house to public interest to careers outside of law about work-life balance, the growing presence of women in the legal workplace, and the gaps that separate men and women.

My first dispatch was an interview with Erin Snodgrass of the NewLaw tech transactions boutique Snodgrass Annand titled “Avoiding Future Tripping.”

The second dispatch is an interview with Sara Lingafelter, lawyer-turned social media manager at Portent Inc., an advertising agency in Seattle, and it is titled “The Poster Child for the Wacky Path.”

The March Dispatch should be done in the next couple of weeks and will feature Carolyn Elefant an influential legal blogger and the force behind the fantastic MyShingle Website.

I’d love any feedback on women to interview, topics to cover or just general thoughts on the idea. Comment here, catch me on Twitter, or send smoke signals.


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